Following a 121 tutorial with my tutor last week,  it’s clear that the right direction to continue my practice in is with the ornaments. I’d been undecided about the lamp, and unsure whether to continue using other domestic objects in the same way. However my tutor reiterated what I was thinking; that the lamp does weaken it. It’s not as powerful as the figurine.

The most important point made was the strong sense of transition being made evident with the use of the magnolia paint. It’s clear that this is a very strong part of the work and I was really pleased that my tutor could pick up on the notions I was trying to portray using the magnolia paint. He made the point that it’s the way in which I manipulate the objects that they become in transition. Through my intervention the transition is apparent. I was worried that I may exhaust the idea of magnolia ornaments but he made it clear that I had only just begun, so keep going with it!