Grandma’s House

So the research begins for working class taste. Here I have taken some fantastic photographs of my grandma’s house. Like many of the older generation of the working class their homes are filled with various pieces of sentimental tat- sorry grandma. Some may think its tat or kitsch, or memorabilia, but my grandma likes it and it’s of real interest to me as to why. As I’ve said before I was shocked when my tutor remarked- “She doesn’t really have it like that does she?” when I showed him a photograph of my grandmas ornaments surrounding her whole fireplace. I’d grew up with it so taken it for grated, but when you move between classes and into the art world you find that not everyone agrees on the same taste.

My favourite photograph is of Grandma’s Fruit-bowl. An icon of her home. “Been with me since Ryan was born.”- referring to my uncle now in his forties. I really love the image, what it represents, what it portrays about ornamental objects and the table cloth surrounding it; the image of working class taste.