Working Class Taste isn’t Easy

Back in the studio today! It was a lot harder than I first thought to create the image of working class taste! I had a play around with the wallpapers and boarders I’d carefully picked out, but it seems I really needed to conquer the taste choices of the lower classes. I need to select carefully the colour of paint I plan to use on the wallpapered plinths, I want them to compliment both the figure and the boarders/wallpaper I’m using, as well as obviously having the look of working class taste.

I’m struggling with the number of plinths I want to use, 4 would be ideal if time allows it, 3 would look too much like previous piece and two is manageable. Tomorrow I need to make some big taste choice decisions, I’m considering reds and a beige colour in emulsion- hopefully matching the boarders. I am pleased with the embossed wallpaper plinth today though so that’s a success I think! This piece is either going to be an absolute disaster in terms of feedback or extremely good, lets hope for the last one!