Jo Addison

A couple of Thursday’s ago now on the 27th of February I had the great pleasure of hearing artist: Jo Addison, talk about her art practice. She spoke with remarkable truth about the obstacles she faces daily with the pressures that come with being a practising artist and the upset which this often causes her. Using the surprising quotation to begin her talk:  “I don’t want to be an artist, I want to be happy.” A statement which I found so appealing! She reflected upon her practice saying: “I have a crazy love of things.” Jo Addison is big into her objects and it’s the way she spoke about her use of objects that I really wanted to note here.

  • “Approximating a narrative through the role of an object.”
  • “Things speaking with a different language.”
  • “A language of objects.” (This could be an interesting title?)
  • Objects being communicated by a language.

After hearing Addison talk about her work in this way I began thinking about my work as a language of objects. The figurines transferring a language of working class taste and the plinths a language of cultural middle class.