Breakthrough 121

I had a breakthrough 121 tutorial with my tutor Ben Judd this week, we began by discussing my disappointment and my struggle to continue forward since the Show and Expose. I explained how I felt that the title was too explicit and was forcing an opinion of the British class system upon my viewer. As I spoke Ben informed me that it wasn’t just the title he could sense I had a problem with being too explicit, it was the work itself too- Ben confirming that- “The work itself felt too literal.”

The discussion lead to where I am now with the work- casting some of these figurines, I explained I wasn’t completely sure why I was developing the work in this way but felt it had some relevance to the work of Jeff Koons and his casts of “proletarian luxury” objects. We then began discussing the strengths of previous work- the way in which I transform the objects. This is a key aspect of the work, the way I have transformed the objects in the past using magnolia paint and transforming them by re-contextualising them in an art space is a real strength of the work. Ben felt that casting could be another element where I can transform the objects. Suggesting matching resin dyes to colour choices of plinths.

This is when Ben had a sudden realisation towards the work. Explaining that it is the process of my making, the transformation of the object, that’s interesting to the viewer. Previous works where I have included the processes of my work-  when I left traces of wallpaper on the plinths for example, they were a huge success. Why then can I not combine these different approaches to make one collection? A collection of my making.  A lot of different elements and concepts have evolved from different works, so by compiling all my making methods I hope this will encourage the audience to talk about all the notions of my work not just directing them to think about one aspect. I don’t need to push ideas of nostalgia, class, and traces of time, explicitly to my viewer. By touching on all aspects of these through my making, the viewer can make their own opinions of the work.

I am really intrigued and excited about this new  idea! It seems this could be the missing link- a collection, or humorously as Ben referred to it as “a greatest hits”, of my making. This idea of the collection also fits in with the notion of the home as a space to collect. Through time we accumulate things. Through my making process I have made a collection. The Show and Expose piece was focused, but it was limiting my thinking- transferring only one element of the works content.