Luxury and Degradation

As my casting work continues in the studio I’ve also been doing some more research into the work of Jeff Koons. In particular his collective work: Luxury and Degradation. In the book I took out the library; Jeff Koons handbook, I found the quote below which talks about my work so closely, particularly my transformation of the object itself. Jeff Koons remakes these kitsch objects in luxury materials transforming their value and worth. I hope to transform my grandmas figurines into the materials of the art world, transforming their value for an art audience.

  • “In ‘Luxury and Degradation’ the objects are given an artificial luxury, an artificial value, which transforms them completely, changing there function, and, to a certain extent, decriticalizing them.”

Robert Rosenblum’s notes, at the beginning of the book, sums the work up for me; “I recall the shock of my initial confrontation with Koon’s lovingly hideous and accurate reconstructions the lowest levels of three-dimensional kitsch…” “We all, of course, have been seeing this kind of stuff for years in every shopping centre and tourist trap, but never before have we been forced, as one is in a gallery setting, to look head on and up close at it’s mind boggling ugliness and deliriously vapid expressions.” Won’t lie, had to look up the word vapid; it means bland. Bland and ugly objects being forced into the eye of the viewer.