Matthew Darbyshire

So the idea of the collection begins! Like I said I’m really excited about this idea. I hope to make a multitude of plinths, their décor style will each be different; some may be very minimal, some over exaggerated and some will show the traces left behind after my decoration. The plinths will range in height. Some will host my grandmas figurines, or casts of these figures and I may even include some of  the magnolia figures I made earlier this year. I hope to leave some plinths without figurines- establishing the idea that the plinths resemble architectural walls.

I also want to mention here the work of Matthew Darbyshire. A big influence in terms of the collection that I’m intending! After being recommended his work I instantly saw the potential of my work being seen as a collection. In the piece above titled- “Exhibition for Modern Living.” Darbyshire accumulates a multitude of modern objects,  The audience is allowed to explore each object, taking in their purpose or lack off it and discover their ultimate tackiness; all the while they are being made aware of consumer capitalism and our taste choices as individuals and collectively.  I’ve also noticed in this image the layout of the piece; the viewer is allowed to step into the space, weave through and come out at the other end. This is the affect I hope to achieve in the layout of my plinths- enough room for my viewer to walk around the figurines and explore their secrets.