Back in the studio today after two weeks of non-stop writing! Excited to say that my essay is all done now and it’s the last one I ever have to write! I was all set to carry on working in the casting room, finally getting this mould finished! However this wasn’t to be the case as there was no silicone to put on my next layer! Not to be defeated I thought right what else can I do? A while ago one of the technicians had suggested I use the sandblaster to remove the magnolia paint on the figures. I’m running low on my figurines at the moment, as I got too excited by the magnolia process, so though yeah why not? And here’s the result! This is something I had wanted to do right at the beginning of this year, it’s as though I’ve erased their presence, their past and their history. They are no longer “silent witnesses to our most private and vulnerable moments.” They become so eerie without a face. You can see the difference the sand blaster can make to remove the magnolia. I like the half sand blasted effect, leaving some of the past behind. Once I’d fully removed the magnolia paint I then experimented dipping the figures into other colours- sort of resembling Katharina Fritsch’s 4th Plinth Sculpture.