Degree Show Preparation

Preparations are well and truly on the way with the degree show piece. My collection of plinths and figurines are coming along nicely! There has been a few alternations and a few decisions that still need to be addressed during the process but things are going well. I had a tutorial on the Wednesday and at first this made me panic slightly as there seemed to be a lot of things I’d yet to consider. But it opened my eyes to new possibilities and I’ve now started to think about these things for example; the positioning of the figures- could having them all central to the plinth be been as boring, too standard? I also expressed that I see the plinths as though they are mimicking walls- so I need to enforce that. I was encouraged to use skirting and dado around the plinths. I’ve been saying myself, that both the object and the plinth should be seen as one together, however my making isn’t expressing this. I’ve now extended the dripping process to drip onto the plinth, making the piece much more sculptural. (The photos show my practice run) I’m also considering having more than one figurine placed on a plinth. Lots of possibilities!