Richard Wentworth- Life is Long and Weird

This week has been a fantastic week for lectures! And for my very last lecture I was honoured to hear the wonderfully humble Richard Wentworth talk about his life as an artist. Richard Wentworth is sort of like Tom Jones is in the music industry to art. He constantly named dropped as these were his friends. He taught Damien Hirst and many more of the Young British Artist’s. And in a conversation with my friend he mentioned going to David’s party and the David he was referring to was David Hockney! Incredible. The talk he gave was extremely wise- he said he’s never seen himself as clever but maybe he’s smart. Here are some of the lovely insightful words he spoke:

  • Life is long and weird.
  • My son is 34 and that’s a piece of space that belongs to someone else.
  • The sixties weren’t like people said- but it was nice, it seemed timeless then. It was very cold.
  • Children live in the crotch zone.
  • English pop art desired America.
  • I’m interested in why things look like they look, what things mean, what we take for granted.
  • Artist’s see that the world is sad before most people do.
  • In London (where he has lived for the last 60 years) everything is someone’s decision. Nothing is natural. We make the world the way it is.
  • I am the past- at the edge of a culture.

He really was insightful, here’s an interesting quote I found from him answering the question; What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you? “Have an interesting life.” Lots of people have said that to me, and I think it’s the most important thing to know when you’re young. If your life is completely boring, and you’ve got a nice swimming pool, then I don’t see the point.