Dado No Rail

There was one really terrible adjustment to the plinths that didn’t quite go to plan. I’m really disappointed that this didn’t work out. I had hoped to attach both a dado and skirting board to two of the plinths- hoping to reinforce the notion that these plinths mimic architectural walls. Beginning this process I decided I didn’t like the skirting at the bottom of the plinth. It seemed stupid to place skirting at the bottom with the lid still in place- the lid formed a kind of ceiling which didn’t reflect well towards the other plinths- why would these figurines then be on the ceiling? I intended to go ahead with the dado- I worked really hard hand sawing the angle to make the correct alignment but when attaching the rail the angle at which the wood and the wallpaper were at wasn’t balanced so the dado rail didn’t perfectly align. Although I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the finish, the miss-matched join would have ruined the finish of the whole piece. I also became uneasy that if only the yellow one was to have the rail it would look out of place. I made the executive decision to abandon the dado rail.