Formation of the Figurines

The really exciting part was placing the figurines. At first I did feel a bit disappointed, I’d grown to like the plinths on their own, but I soon realised the potential of the figurines and remembered their role in the work as a “language of objects.” I continued to move the figurines around, sticking mostly to the plan; I placed the magnolia figure in its place, surprisingly adding an extra magnolia figure which wasn’t my original intention. I chose to face this in the opposite direction to encourage the viewer to walk around the work and inspect it. It’s at this point I also swapped the pink and blue plinth- I remembered that I had two matching figurines that I intended to face one another, encouraging a link in the collection as a whole. The cast figurines also needed to be separated which was why the pink plinth needed separating from its neighbours. I chose not to centre all of the figurines playing around with the idea of an art object rather than a museum display. I’m also pleased to see that my measurements added up and the figurine heights measure up to the heights of their corresponding plinths.