From 2D to 3D the Plan Unfolds

It was a really exciting day today, getting the plinths all ready and aligning them in their correct position, starting with the original plan at first,then slowly adjusting it to fit with the space. The magnolia pair needed to move to create a larger walk way, then the blue and pink ones needed to be adjusted and separated further. I played around a lot nudging the plinths to different angles- creating a new outlook with each movement.  I moved around the space considering each perspective of the viewer. Considering the heights of each and ensuring that no plinth was blocking another. The pairing of the plinths was really successful! They played out a narrative reflecting the story back to one another. A huge success was also the space surrounding the plinths- it really feels like the viewer is able to move freely inspecting every element of the work- like Matthew Darbyshire’s piece- the viewer can weave in and out of the plinths!