BA Fine Art

Talking of graduation, I think it’s a really interesting time for me in terms of my practice. My practice towards the end of my degree questioned the role of higher education in society; I wondered how my life would change once I was Rachel Fenwick with a BA in Fine Art. Did I enter the cultural middle classes as I proposed I would?- I can’t say I feel cultural middle class, living in my caravan home whilst I work in the lake district- but I do listen to BBC 6 music now – so maybe I have changed a bit?

One thing that has stayed with me from Grayson Perry’s television series is when he suggested: “Of all the objects in Susan’s house it was her daughter’s graduation photos that unlocked for me the themes of class, taste and social mobility.” It seems crazy now to say that I too have one of these official graduate photographs. And as I pass this photograph on to sit in my grandma’s home amongst her beloved figurines how does this now reflect on my life? This is something I haven’t quite figured out yet, but it’s something I’m considering thinking about to make some new work. Rest assured my grandma is very proud! Once she’s got a frame sorted I’ll be sure to upload a photo!