Contemporary Landscape

Getting back into blogging spurred me on to do a bit of painting last week. Moving on from sketches by the lake, I’ve returned to the idea of expanding from a photograph. By expanding the viewpoint I can let my imagination run wild and get creative with the colourful sunset. I was surprised to find I really enjoyed painting again. I didn’t spend too long on it, just a couple of hours, and enjoyed relaxing, mixing the colours together. Being a bit low on acrylics, I improvised using some household paints- some emulsion and not one of my better ideas- white gloss. It was interesting to see how the paint reacted against each other. The white gloss; with its sticky texture, didn’t want to mix with other paint, I persevered with it, forcing it to blend and add light to the image. In a way, in regards to my practice, I’m expanding the use of home paints in contemporary art. Contrary to my plinths instead of using wallpaper in a contemporary setting, I use household paints to create traditional landscape images. I’m flipping the role of traditional landscapes by using domestic paints to create a contemporary image.