Exciting News!

In a previous blog post, I mentioned motivating myself and getting back out there and into the art world, well I had another thing up my sleeve whilst writing that. I’d applied for a job at nearby visitor centre- Rheged. They’d advertised a position for a Gallery Assistant doing 3-4 days. I knew I’d never be able to squeeze that in as well as my job here at the camp site, but I couldn’t stand back and let it pass me by, so I emailed the director explaining I could do a maximum of two days there and I’d hope he could give me a chance. I got an interview which I was really excited about. It was probably one of the most challenging interviews I’ve had, (although I haven’t had many). When they asked why I went for the job I answered honestly- “it would be amazing to finally get paid for something arty!” I watched as they made notes, as I spoke about my experience with kids and other art establishments. But they didn’t give anything away! I waited 3 long days to find out if I got it. WHICH I DID!

So since then it’s been all systems go. There’s 5 new gallery assistants so I’ve been making new friends, de-installing the Cumbrian Artist of the Year exhibition and installing the new exhibition MAKE IT with Minecraft. There’s been a lot of painting involved and scrubbing floors, it was like being back at degree show again, but I got paid! There was a few bits of training to do then yesterday it was my first proper day on the floor. Playing with the kids, making Lego dragons, gluing and sticking and drawing with the parents. Turns out I know nothing about the Minecraft theme of the exhibition- but the kids are teaching me!

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