An Hour Here and There

Waiting for gloss paint to dry takes a really long time! It worked out pretty well- in between jobs I’d paint another layer/section and then leave it overnight to do another bit the next day. Each day another bit would come together, and there would be another hurdle to jump. One hurdle being that I’d originally planned to use masking tape to create distinct lines between the black and white paint; however the gloss was too thick and easily peeled off when removing it. That meant careful hand painting was required, taking time, but achieving a great finish. I’m really pleased with the whole look of the piece, the occasional hand wobble only adds to the authenticity of my home made signpost.

What was really strange for me was making work outside of the studio for the first time. I’ve done some small scale stuff but making something of this size was much more difficult. I was working outdoors- so the weather was an issue, finding a suitable place for work to stay dry (under the caravan). Plus I didn’t have all the facilities of the woodwork space, the advice from technicians. There was no support group around me to bounce ideas around (Especially missing my studio partner Lis). Tutors had warned us not to take this for granted but I understand it much more now.