Success at Greystoke Art Show

After all the hype surrounding the exhibition I never did get round to writing about the exciting events that followed. Firstly there was the opening night of the exhibition- which was a huge success. Despite my nerves, there was a crowd of people who came along to enjoy some great art, music, food and wine. I was able to meet the other artists involved- Christine Hurford, Janis Young and Caroline Dalton. It was great to explore the ideas behind their work. We all commented how the works complimented each other enormously. With all of us working in contemporary sculpture we transformed the 16th century church into a modern gallery space. Telling the story of the church in our own way. As well as the open night I also managed to get myself into the local paper! This was a really exciting time for me- I felt the photo really cemented my breakthrough into the Cumbrian art scene. The whole exhibition was a fantastic experience that motivated me to get making, meet new people, make my friends and family proud and exhibit in an extraordinary place.