Home for Christmas

Another exhibition in London, I found advertised in Time Out Magazine, was Home for Christmas. Just one flight of stairs below Trafalgar Square, although it seemed like miles below, is the Crypts of St Martins. Featured in this unique space was Home for Christmas– an exhibition homing on the reality of missing persons. The images and text tell the powerful story of emotions just in one glance. Stood waiting, the families lean against their front doors, their loving family home right behind them, waiting for that someone to come home. The text below prints their name, time and date of disappearance and a photo of their last known appearance.

It really was an emotional heart felt exhibition and showcased the importance of the permanent structure we take for granted as the family home. It reminded me visually of a piece I saw at the Whitworth in Manchester called Semi Detached John and Ethel Landy by Michael Landy. I found the blog post I made about the piece Semi Detached and it has some real strong connections to the work here by James O Jenkins.