Project Visible

For a while now I’ve been considering my future as a Fine Art graduate and what that means for me. I’ve broke the news to my family, that becoming an art teacher isn’t on the cards for me just yet. Much to my grandma’s disappointment, she has no idea what to tell her sister what I do now. I then tried to explain to her my new venture in life, my future career goal- Public Programs Co Coordinator. She had no idea. So for the purpose of this blog:


To coordinate, and develop in collaboration with gallery staff, public programs and events;

To coordinate Gallery customer service on a day to day basis with volunteer staff;

To coordinate gallery public program advertising and social media.


  1. Coordinate a program of events and activities relating to the exhibition program including workshops, lectures, and floor talks; 2. Coordinate Gallery functions such as openings, bus trips and morning teas. 3. Coordination of the day to day activities relating to the volunteer staff and front desk, including mail-outs, visitor surveys, and merchandise sales.

Now I’m fully aware that it’s going take a very long time to even get anywhere near this position. But everyone needs a goal. So here is mine.

I also what to mention a fantastic video I saw at Tate Britain. From the time I spent at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Australia I knew then that I wanted a role within the gallery. And the idea flew back as I watched this video showing Artist’s in Residence walk around the gallery with a group of school kids in tow. I wanted to be that person asking the kids to write down a certain word that described how they felt looking at a piece of work. The video emphasized the notion that art is play. The quote I took with me is this-“art is ideas and thoughts just beyond language.” And I wrote in my notebook- I SO WANT TO THIS JOB!

Wish, Hope and Dream.