Quick Visit to London

Whilst visiting friends in London I couldn’t resist a bit of gallery hopping and was hoping I’d find a bit of inspiration along the way. I feel like since the success of A Place in Time I have reached somewhat of a standstill. Need to get my act together and get my motivation back! As a basis I thought I’d take a trip to Tate Britain, allow myself to be in awe of some greats. I was really excited to find Tracey Emin’s Bed on display, along side some Francis Bacon, Damien Hurst and David Hockney’s Splash. Seeing Tracey Emin’s bed was a rather surreal experience. After seeing it so many times in text books and on the internet it felt as though it only existed on a Google search engine. But here it was in the flesh, fags, dirty knickers and all. I feel like Emin get’s a lot of stick, that the majority of people who walk into that room will dismiss it as a load of rubbish- literally and in terms of recognised art. For me though there has always been something in this piece that establishes the notion of bringing a private space into the public eye. The written description alongside the work stating: “without directly representing specific events, the installation is forcefully and compellingly suggestive of personal narratives.”

Another recognised art work I happened to stumble upon at the V&A was Barnaby Barford’s The Tower of Babel. The six metre high tower consists of 3000 individual buildings, all replicas of real London shops. Impressively each one is made of Bone China. The piece cleverly portrays the divide between rich and poor placing pound shops and abandoned stores at the bottom, and exclusive boutiques and designer stores at the top. “it confronts us with the choices we make as consumers, through necessity or desire.”