Tour of Britain

Keeping in theme with C-Art’s Yellowness, The Cycling Tour of Britain wasn’t long after. Everyone kept up their yellow bunting and added their own Yellow bikes everywhere! After a bit of googling, just to be sure, (I had a vague idea but didn’t want to get it wrong) the Yellow colour is all about the winning jersey- Historically the leader of this competition has worn a yellow jersey. It must have been great moral for the cyclists to see everyone decorate their streets in honour of them cycling past on route. The route came through our local village Pooley Bridge, through to Tirril, Yanwath and onto Penrith. There feels something quite important about this event, the way the cyclists came in and out of peoples neighbourhoods, their life and everything they love. I particularly like the image I’ve taken above with the bicycle pointing to Yanwath Inn. It reminded me of the photograph I’d been keen to make some art with of my great grandma and her bike. I also feel like there is something here about the process of painting the old bikes a solid yellow colour. Almost like dipping my grandmas figurines in magnolia paint again- something I still don’t want to give up on.