Robyn Woolston’s Watchtree

After reflecting upon the images I’d taken out on the fells, I was reminded of a series of works I’d seen years ago by Robyn Woolston. The first summer I moved up to the lakes I can remember walking down by Ullswater and being pleasantly surprised to see some contemporary art right on my door step. This series of work has a distinct likeness to mine, as it features a similar use of signs. I admire that Woolston’s signs emerge right from the trees themselves, making incredible photographs; this is something I could play around with myself in the future perhaps? The artist here is interested in the use of language displayed on the signs. Written in Old English, she points out the surrounding nature. I have to say I was slightly disappointed by the works when I originally saw them, the Old English didn’t engage, it puzzled it’s audience who in turn dismissed it and spent little time with the work. However if Woolston had instead opted to write Modern English this wouldn’t have achieved much either? These are the types of things I need to be considering with my use of dates. Are they too personal or can I achieving just enough mystery in the work?

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