The Mountain Arts Festival

It’s nice to work at a place so heavy involved in contemporary art, on my dinner last week I was able to take a look at this insightful exhibition; Mountain Arts. I wasn’t expecting too much, as with such a distinct theme, my mind raced to the usual culprit; the landscape drawing; something I’ve come to expect here in the Lake District. Again and again though I’m being proven wrong. Like me, many artist’s in this area are overcoming the desire to paint a representational image of our neighbouring landscape.

The artist which stole the show for me was most definitely Brian Thompson. His beautifully crafted sculptures, captured the beauty of our enormous mountain ranges. He challenged me to consider portraying the landscape in a more unusual way. Sculpting and model making came rushing back to me, encouraging me to get making again. The titles of Brian Thompson’s work really spoke to me too. He described a journey in his titles, his large central piece titled: To Easedale Tarn by Emma’s Dell. In describing a personal detail of the journey we relate to the voyage of his mountain climb. We reflect back on our own mountain adventures. The other artist’s I’ve included in the photographs are Lucy Devenish and Hamish Fulton. Devenish uses a favourite tool of mine; a map. Again focusing on a journey, a place in time. Lucy depicts a personal place. St Non’s Bay. Hamish’s work follows his own journey through Walk texts on Wood. Depicting a mountain range in text and objects.

After seeing the exhibition I want to show my journeys, be it in sculpture or in a map based drawing. We’ll see.