At a Crossroads.

I’ve been neglecting my blog slightly as I’ve been making various plans for one thing and another, but that’s not to say I don’t have much planned for 2016! 2016 seems to be one of the busiest yet for art works. The first exhibition coming up is Greystoke Church. I’d had this in pipe line since last year, after the exhibition’s success, I’ve been invited back to exhibit there again. It’s a brilliant space at the church- lots of potential for big sculptural work. I’ve been mulling my ideas over for months now. Taking most of my inspiration from time spent in Australia. During February, I was there visiting my parents. At this point me and my Fiancé  Louis had been considering making the move over there. It seemed poignant that this almighty decision be the source of inspiration for me.

Whilst over there we went on a few road trips. Along the road side we passed so many railway crossing signs. Each time we passed one I kept thinking about the crossroads that I’m at in my own life. How this one decision will lead our lives in a completely different direction. To continue working with the road sign object seemed appropriate for Greystoke. So since then I’ve been set on making my own railway crossing sign however just unsure what I wanted the sign to say. I’ve come up with various different title ideas- Time Will Tell, Looking for a Sign, Home or Away. But I’m so unsure what I want the sign to actually say; do I want words, numbers, arrows or maybe dates? I want to encourage viewers to think about the directions and decisions they’ve made during their lifetime, and how those decisions have lead to them to be right where they are today.

So I need the piece to be open enough to allow viewers to be intrigued yet include some of the places/times linked to me. Tough one. The success of A Place in Time was its ability to intrigue the viewer. They wanted to know what the dates meant and why the dates were leading to a place in time. How can I get this same effect in my railway crossing?

Just wrote the title of this blog post- At A Crossroads. An even better title perhaps? Could it even be At a Crossroads in Life? No information on the signs just many different directions?