After writing my previous blog post, I’ve been playing around with some ideas relating to that ‘At a Crossroads’ title. It’s been hard getting the motivation to start making the piece as it felt almost too simple to just recreate the same sign post I’d seen in Australia. In my first idea I’d planned to recreate the sign however rather than writing RAILWAY CROSSING I intended to change these words to indicate the directions we’ve choose to take in life. Following on from my last post though, there doesn’t seem to be any need for words or numbers, just the indication of many directions to choose from. I started to sketch some designs of manic posts going in all different directions. No words on there, just letting the title speak. It may be a challenge to attach so many posts and currently I’m not certain about the red colours. Although these where the colours I photographed in Australia, I need to consider how bright the colours will look in the church and if it will come across as a warning sign. Also could I utilise the hexagon shape formally used as a STOP sign to paint an image on? Or write something? Another thing to consider is the sign having a front and a back. I need to have wooden planks on both sides. And the biggest problem of all- getting it to stand up!