The Great British Caravan

The Great British Caravan 
Rachel Fenwick is a Fine Art graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Her practice is concerned with place, in particular the spaces where we spend the vast majority of our lives and where we share our most memorable moments. Born in Lancashire and currently based in Cumbria the artist questions the places we call home. In this series, the artist paints with her own caravan home in mind. With a backdrop of Lake Ullswater and its remarkable mountain range, the caravans stand proud in their beautiful surroundings. The Great British flag waves with pride, adding an emotional value to the painting, as for a time the artist had been toying with the idea of emigrating to Australia. These paintings translate as a big thumbs up to staying here in her English Home. You may notice another flag in the series too, controversially displaying the artists own views on recent political events.

Could I be the next Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year?

One last thing to announce! Through Eden Arts I submitted an entry for a competition to be awarded ‘Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year’. And I’ve only gone and been shortlisted! Which means I now have a week to summit a piece of work to show at an exhibition in Carlisle to be in the running! #howexciting

C-Art in Extraordinary Places

So now onto the next big thing! I’m throwing myself into all these opportunities this year, (even though I am starting a new job in September!) Another thing I had up my sleeve was being part of C-Art this year. After volunteering with the organisation last year, I wanted to get involved myself. C-Art is Cumbria’s largest visual arts project; it began as an Open Studios event, whereby artist’s open their studios across the whole of Cumbria to the general public. Obviously I don’t have a studio though. So how am I involved? Well the project now coordinates ‘C-Art in Extraordinary Places’ as part of the trail. So I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be involved in the project as an Installation on the ‘Ullswater Shores’ titled ‘Looking for a Sign’. I am in the catalogue! I best get making! #edenarts #C-Art #ExtraOrdinaryPlaces

Caravan Painting Process

Once I’d collected a whole host of images from the holiday park, I started to think about the colours, shapes, composition and style my paintings were going to strive for. The sky became increasing more important to the outlook of the image- perfecting my watercolour skills, even in the reflection of the windows! Getting the perspective right was another key element to the success of the painting, teaming that with the light and shadowing of the detail was crucial. I played around more confidently as I developed the series; with trees, fencing, walls and mountain ranges. I used my artistic license to throw in some extras and cut out any unnecessary detail. I really enjoyed the challenge of these paintings. I’ve never made a series before, always preferring to do one piece and move on to the next. But I’ve noticed the real value in a series, there’s always more to be achieved and the skill involved can be enhanced each time. Plus they look absolutely amazing altogether! I’ve posted a few of the many images I took to show the progression of each painting. All my paintings are now on sale at Café Oswald’s, Penrith, Cumbria.

Small- £120, Medium- £170, Large- £220.


Caravan Research

I’m bit behind with my write up for my blog, but there’s just so much going on! Since my set up at Greystoke it’s been none stop painting for a series, which I excitingly, hung today! Way back in November last year I agreed to take on an exhibition at a local food hall, whereby monthly exhibitions are held in their café upstairs- Café Oswald’s. I was informed I’d been assigned summer dates, August 2nd– 12th September. I had no idea what I wanted to create. I knew it was going to be something slightly out of my comfort zone, as the space was only suitable for smaller 2D works. The space was restricted to 8 alcoves measuring 64cm x 59cm- so not my usual installation/sculpture work. I considered showing some photography but thought I’d challenge myself a little and create some multi media paintings. Stemming from the small caravan I painted as a Christmas present for my fiancé. I began researching, and living on a caravan park I didn’t have far to go!