Caravan Research

I’m bit behind with my write up for my blog, but there’s just so much going on! Since my set up at Greystoke it’s been none stop painting for a series, which I excitingly, hung today! Way back in November last year I agreed to take on an exhibition at a local food hall, whereby monthly exhibitions are held in their café upstairs- Café Oswald’s. I was informed I’d been assigned summer dates, August 2nd– 12th September. I had no idea what I wanted to create. I knew it was going to be something slightly out of my comfort zone, as the space was only suitable for smaller 2D works. The space was restricted to 8 alcoves measuring 64cm x 59cm- so not my usual installation/sculpture work. I considered showing some photography but thought I’d challenge myself a little and create some multi media paintings. Stemming from the small caravan I painted as a Christmas present for my fiancé. I began researching, and living on a caravan park I didn’t have far to go!