The Great British Caravan

The Great British Caravan 
Rachel Fenwick is a Fine Art graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Her practice is concerned with place, in particular the spaces where we spend the vast majority of our lives and where we share our most memorable moments. Born in Lancashire and currently based in Cumbria the artist questions the places we call home. In this series, the artist paints with her own caravan home in mind. With a backdrop of Lake Ullswater and its remarkable mountain range, the caravans stand proud in their beautiful surroundings. The Great British flag waves with pride, adding an emotional value to the painting, as for a time the artist had been toying with the idea of emigrating to Australia. These paintings translate as a big thumbs up to staying here in her English Home. You may notice another flag in the series too, controversially displaying the artists own views on recent political events.