New Work!

This new idea has been on the cards for a while but getting the courage to get it going with it took a while. It’s been a such a long time since I got the acrylics out and got messy, mixing and dripping! It felt good. Watercolours are nice but not half as fun. Dripping all that grey paint was exciting! I added a bit of politics in there too, creating a ‘Vote Labour’ background, which I hoped would poke through the windows of the house; an ode to Labour and working class Britain. Which is something I think about a lot when creating these pretty paintings, because in truth ‘I can only look- not buy.’ Bristol doesn’t open it’s doors so freely to working class northerners. The property ladder is well and truly a distant dream.

Anyway I sanded the drips and the edges of the wood and cardboard. I don’t half love working on cardboard and wood! It’s reminiscent of work I made during my Foundation and it’s a technique I want to continue. (I’ve prepped two more boards ready so watch this space!) Using acrylic and household paints I painted/smudged/scraped this image of a house in Southville.