Looking for a Sign? The Making

Once the plan was in place it was time to get making, in between late shifts and planning for my new job I somehow managed to squeeze in some time to make. Sawing wood at sunset and painting in the dark, my ‘outdoor caravan studio’ became signpost heaven. Using scraps from the junk yard on site I managed to salvage some wood and more posts. I think the newest signpost used to be a headboard before I found it ready for the bonfire. Not anymore! I cut it down to form the shape I’d imagined and I have to say I really love it. Although initially I planned to use the same sculptures I’d made previously I had to upgrade them using much bigger poles. Poles with pointer bases for them to fit into the ground and much taller ones have a bigger impact, so there were more stripes to be painted too and more gloss paint to dry in time!

Dripping Blue Paint

And then the biggest risk of all, probably the most exciting one, was the blue drip! Hoping to make the plinth and the figurine become more of a sculpture as one rather than two separate pieces I’ve continued the dripping process onto the plinth. Dunking the object into the paint at first, then pouring paint directly onto the object from above it flows onto the plinth and creates this beautiful fold upon the figurine. The paint is allowed to pour freely which creates a pool on the floor. This was extremely successful! People walking past were mesmerised by the process- I only hope tomorrow the paint hasn’t cracked as it’s dried!