Double Time

Choosing to place two figurines side by side on the plinth is a big risk for the work, I hope it will talk about the language of mass production these figurines speak. The plinth holds both the original and a plaster cast of the figurine. Cleverly I’ve also positioned the figurines so that at certain angles you can only see one of the figurines! This was a real exciting surprise for the work. The figurine in place compliments the colours used on the boarder too.

Refined Resin

Next up was to finish the details of the resin cast, refining the edges to make a smooth finish; using a jewellery saw to chip away at the rough edges. The professional standard of this cast is fantastic. I’ve had some excellent comments already, some people say it looks as though they could eat it, other saying it looks like glass. It’s a really spectacular cast. I hope it will entice the viewer to get closer to object and inspect every detail as they wonder how I made it and how I achieved the colour pigment.

Resin Casts

I have to say I am extremely proud of these beauties! All the hard work put into the mould making has paid off! Using a clear resin, I’ve poured this into my mould then added two different pigments to each cast- opting for a brighter look the second time round. Adding the pigment at the end of the pour I then drip the colour into the mould from a height. The height at which I pour determines the depth which the colour can reach. The way the colour almost just stops at her skirt I think is just beautiful.

First Cast Made from the Mould

Here it is! The very first cast from the long awaited mould. Apart from that air bubble on her nose, I’m pretty pleased with it! I’ve used plaster to make the first cast of the figurine, although initially I was only planning to use this material to test out the mould, I’m beginning to see the potential of this material. The plaster is easy to re-sculpt soften the join of the two part mould (as you can see with the shaping of the hat) and also conceptually plaster seems an important material when capturing a memory. Solidifying a moment within the figurine.

Another Step Closer

Look what else is ready! The mould is complete and I was finally able to take the figurine out of the silicone. Everything looks great with the mould. You can see in the image looking downward into the empty space, this is where I will pour my material to then create a cast. The last image shows my first experimentation trying out a plaster cast of the figurine. Nervously excited for the outcome tomorrow!

“A Prison for the Self in a Space”

It’s finished!! All my hard work has paid off! If your wondering what it’s all about, please read 2 posts below for the meaning behind it all. Sorry for all the photos, I got excited, you can really see my process of making though. All I need to do now is print and position the title on it. Any feedback is welcome, leave me a comment if you like.