Lesley Guy- Love Your Art

I know I don’t really have time to write a blog post about the lovely Lesley Guy rigIMG_8287ht now, but it felt so important for my future happiness that I wanted to be able to remind myself when looking back over the blog in the future how inspiring this lecture was. It was my very last context lecture today and I was so happy that it ended on a good one. For some I spoke to, it sort of depressed them, the harsh realities of being an artist which Lesley spoke of -but for me I loved the honestly which she spoke with. Firstly she began her talk referring to her ‘artist career’ however she then re-phrased this stressing that she was wrong to call it a career it was so much more than that it’s an “Art Life.” The title of the talk was “Love your Art” but Lesley soon brought us crashing back to reality saying- “because no one else does.” It’s important for me to really enjoy what I’m doing, otherwise it’s just not worth the stress. She spoke honestly about the Art World and it flaws. Lesley also made me realise that there is plenty of time in my life for art. If I feel like I want this enough in the future I need to make time for art. But it doesn’t have to be in a rush, I’m going to need to get a job, she was a teacher for 7 years. I could do that, I could be an estate agent, I could do a residency in Australia who knows? But make work that makes you happy Rach.

In/Out of Context

Really pleased with the way these two look with the wallpaper plinth! My favourite being the lady in the blue dress- the piece looks very elegant. The figures now appear something completely different than when they were in my grandma’s house! Very grand and they’ve turned into an art piece. The wallpaper however does bring that home context back to the works which in my opinion is a success!

Do Put them on Plinths Though

Had real success working with the plinths though! Putting these ornamental objects in a white cube setting, on white plinths, completely removed them from their original context within the home. They become something else. I highlighted with one of the figures the “all important” stamp. That’s what my grandma gives the up most importance to when it comes to her ornaments; so I thought why cover it up and put it at the bottom? Why not put it on display? I also experimented with a sky blue plinth, I think this added something else- that touch more homeliness to it. I think the more colour in the figure the more it worked with the blue plinth. I really liked experimenting with this today! Next step is to start wallpapering the plinths!