A Language of Middle Class

In an attempt to do my own research into the taste choices of the middles classes, I have photographed here, with permission may I add, Louis’ aunt and uncles family home. With Grayson Perry’s idealisms of the middle classes firmly in my mind already, it wasn’t hard to see the same taste choices he’d suggested cropping up here within this home. The heart shaped emblem in the window for example, the Cath Kidson accessories and the Jamie Oliver cook books. These were all signs that Grayson Perry picked up on himself and were included in his portrayal of the middle classes.

In my essay I wrote: Perry, referring the taste decisions of our homes, suggests; “We often only become aware of these unconscious choices when we move between social classes.” I had my first transitional experience of this when visiting my boyfriend’s family for the first time; their home was very different to mine, filled with books, artworks, and collectables from their well travelled places, not to mention the fancy food I’d little heard of. It certainly didn’t look anything like my Grandmas’. It’s this experience that first placed me in Perry’s 3rd tapestry: Expulsion from Number 8 Eden Close. These photographs now become my own photographic essay of moving between the classes.

“we’re just the top layer. And one day there’ll be another layer right on top of us.”

This next piece developed from a tester I did before the final exhibition piece. I wanted to see what the 1 metre board would look like if I first put wallpaper on to it then painted magnolia over it. By doing this it would emphasize the idea of someone coming into a new home and replacing the old decor. The bumps in the wallpaper somehow did seem so aesthetically pleasing to me though which made me go off the idea. I really like the build up of the roller marks in this piece-they really emphasize the layers.