Chat and Draw

Since moving to Bristol, I’ve occasionally been going along to an evening called ‘Chat and Draw’. As it says on the tin, people meet up and draw. It’s upstairs in a pub, you grab a drink, draw and get to know people. Not only was it weird going along to something like that not knowing people but also I felt like I hadn’t drawn in ages either. So it was strange getting back into it. You can draw anything you like, so as predictable as I am I’ve been drawing houses! Eventually I hope these drawings will inform a new set of works similar to the painting Two Up, Two Down which was such a hit on the arts trail. Painted on cardboard and mounted on wood the images of ordinary houses. #newworks

Caravan Painting Process

Once I’d collected a whole host of images from the holiday park, I started to think about the colours, shapes, composition and style my paintings were going to strive for. The sky became increasing more important to the outlook of the image- perfecting my watercolour skills, even in the reflection of the windows! Getting the perspective right was another key element to the success of the painting, teaming that with the light and shadowing of the detail was crucial. I played around more confidently as I developed the series; with trees, fencing, walls and mountain ranges. I used my artistic license to throw in some extras and cut out any unnecessary detail. I really enjoyed the challenge of these paintings. I’ve never made a series before, always preferring to do one piece and move on to the next. But I’ve noticed the real value in a series, there’s always more to be achieved and the skill involved can be enhanced each time. Plus they look absolutely amazing altogether! I’ve posted a few of the many images I took to show the progression of each painting. All my paintings are now on sale at Café Oswald’s, Penrith, Cumbria.

Small- £120, Medium- £170, Large- £220.


Anti Factory!

It was a success! On Thursday I successfully co-curated and helped host Anti Factory the exhibition and private view! With many thanks to all those involved that helped make it happen; Ashe Wright, Kelly Purdy, Caroline McDougall, Alisia Wilkins, Joe Donze, James Politano, Martin Rayment, Amy Telford and Poppie Jaconelli. Thank you to the performers and most importantly to all of you that came to support!

From the press release this helps those who couldn’t make it get a feel of the exhibition’s concerns;

“Anti Factory is a collaborative project from students on the Fine Art BA course at NottinghamTrentUniversity, who are concerned with the value art has in relation to the time taken in its production.”

“We ask, does work that has taken longer to produce have more value? Are the hours spent actually reflected in the work?”

The venue at Divine Coffee house was greatly received and the space we exhibited was complemented by many. Although we had a drop out on the band situation this gave the audience time to look at the art work, then those who stayed got more free wine and live music!

The live music continued on for me as a few of us went on to Jam Café and later to Golden Fleece where we saw DJ Derek the amazing 71 year old DJ!

Collaging, Drawing and Painting.

Had such a nice day reminding myself that I can draw and paint! I’ve done some collage pieces mixing up parts of houses to create an impossible house structure. I then experimented with the collaged image using pencil, chalk, acrylic and a photocopier. I think I prefer the drawing on its own, before the paint. Especially when colour photocopied the chalk blurs and the yellow tinge of the paper is highlighted. I also like that the house can be mistaken as one when it is still in the drawing form. I want to carry on experimenting in this style becoming more precise with my drawing possibly like Laura Oldfield Road.