The Home of Nobody

As a follow on from the previous post, I’ve chosen to title this entry as The Home of Nobody. I think it could be a good working title for this series of photographs were I’m photographing these almost empty homes- their occupants gone. These photos have actually been taken from my Grandmas home. Thankfully my grandma is perfectly alright! However I helped her move home this weekend so it was a great opportunity for me to take photos in that “mid move” stage. It was a really insightful experience! As my grandma had A LOT of stuff! It was so interesting to see what she had chosen to take with her and what she left behind. Some really expensive things which it seemed my grandma had no need for- we found some expensive tea sets in her wardrobe which we’d been told to leave. It really highlighted how much material rubbish we hold on to in our homes. The mirrored wardrobes were a particular interest to me. As I found out my grandma had had these wardrobes for over 40 years- imagine all the “private and vulnerable moments” those wardrobes had been witness to! And now she was just going to leave them- (the new house had fitted wardrobes.) This just seemed so monumental in everything I’m considering at the moment whereby our objects are witnesses to our most private moments however in the end they are  just left unwanted.


IMG_2537I was on a role on last Thursday, once I had the objects and more importantly the frames I could finally make the pieces I had been planning on making for a while now. First was this one, which stemmed from similar ideas to the magnolia piece. I saw a shelf in TKmaxx full of empty frames (there is a photo somewhere in a post previous), when I saw all these frames I immediately saw the emptiness. I saw the frames that potentially could hold the memories, the celebrations, the memorable moments. But for now they were empty. The photo frame as an object holds our most memorable moments,  the house as an object holds almost all of our memories. An empty house is empty of its memories.