Our Caravan

This was something I’d been thinking about making for a long time. In fact it’s been a fair amount of time since I actually painted this piece. I made it as a Christmas present for my fiancé. We were considering buying the screen print shown above from Rheged’s Great Print Exhibition, when I said I could paint it myself. I instead intended to paint it with our own caravan home in mind. With a backdrop of Lake Ullswater, our caravan stands proud in it’s beautiful surroundings. The Great British Flag waves in the wind just like the American flag does in the print. The flag adds value to the painting, as for a time we’d been toying with the idea of emigrating to Australia. This painting translates as a big thumbs up to staying here in our English Home.


Future Artists Nottingham

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on an extremely exciting project with fellow group members- Alisia Wilkins, Caroline McDougall, James Politano and Helen Rowland. We’ve created our organisation- Future Artists Nottingham! An organisation started together to work with schools, providing workshops that we hope will encourage pupils to further an art based subject post GCSE and to give them the chance to experience what it is like to study art at degree level. We’ve planned some exciting workshops over the next coming months working with a year 10 GCSE class at Nottingham Girls Academy. The penultimate workshop will  be hosted at the Nottingham Trent University itself were we have organised a print screen workshop for the girls. The project will conclude with a fantastic display of the work done by the pupils. We have arranged for this exhibition to be held in the Atrium, Bonington Building, Nottingham Trent University. This is such a fantastic opportunity for these young girls and we are proud to play our part in it!

Last Tuesday was the first of the workshops! It was so exciting to get in there and start everything we had been planning! The workshop was a challenge for the girls as much as it was for us. It was all worth it though, to be there in the classroom experiencing it all first hand!

We have started a blog for all the workshops which can be found here: http://futureartistsnottingham.blogspot.co.uk/

The majority of the projects experiences with the class will be posted on there however I wanted to mention it and may keep updating a little with photographs on here.