Painting Our Corner’s of the World

Carrying on that idea of painting more but painting small, I’ve started delicate watercolour paintings of my neighbouring houses. Inspired by the beautiful homes in Bristol I couldn’t resist drawing the city’s gorgeous architecture and adding those vibrant colours in watercolour. Using my artistic license I’ve added small details and extra colours to these paintings. As I continue painting in this style I’m gaining confidence and I can see the collection building. My phone is full of photographs of houses, so I’m definitely not short of inspiration! Everyday I find yet another house I can see as my next painting. I can already see them as prints too! #bringonSBA #SouthBankArtsTrail #Bristol You’ll be able to see them, and purchase originals as well as prints at Southville Community Centre, Bristol 12th & 13th of May!! See you there!


So here goes 2018! I’ve begun my new years resolution, I’ve started being an artist again, and I’m enjoying it! More small little paintings of Bristol’s houses to come… then as usually is the way, hopefully it will lead me onto something new!

Bristol Art Trails

I might not have made much art, but I saw a lot during 2017! One of the things I love most about Bristol is the Art’s Trails. Throughout the city, on weekends throughout the year, suburbs in Bristol open up their doors and transform their homes into gallery spaces. I had the pleasure of being involved in Totterdown’s Art Trail in 2016, and since I’ve absolutely loved the idea! It combines two of my favourite things- houses and art. Not only is it a chance to nosy around other people’s homes but you get to see some amazing art too. I’ve been so inspired by the trails and I’ve been able to take so many photos of houses along the way too. Some of the house photographs are here plus some of my favourite artists from Southbank Arts Trail, Upfest, West Arts Trail, Totterdown and North Arts Trail.

Chat and Draw

Since moving to Bristol, I’ve occasionally been going along to an evening called ‘Chat and Draw’. As it says on the tin, people meet up and draw. It’s upstairs in a pub, you grab a drink, draw and get to know people. Not only was it weird going along to something like that not knowing people but also I felt like I hadn’t drawn in ages either. So it was strange getting back into it. You can draw anything you like, so as predictable as I am I’ve been drawing houses! Eventually I hope these drawings will inform a new set of works similar to the painting Two Up, Two Down which was such a hit on the arts trail. Painted on cardboard and mounted on wood the images of ordinary houses. #newworks

Collaging, Drawing and Painting.

Had such a nice day reminding myself that I can draw and paint! I’ve done some collage pieces mixing up parts of houses to create an impossible house structure. I then experimented with the collaged image using pencil, chalk, acrylic and a photocopier. I think I prefer the drawing on its own, before the paint. Especially when colour photocopied the chalk blurs and the yellow tinge of the paper is highlighted. I also like that the house can be mistaken as one when it is still in the drawing form. I want to carry on experimenting in this style becoming more precise with my drawing possibly like Laura Oldfield Road.