New Studio Space

After finishing the writing I posted below, (which has taken all my time recently) it’s about time I updated the blog a bit! I’m excited to start a new set of work which heavily focuses on the concepts I spoke of in that writing: Moving Between the classes. Besides that though I’m really excited to be in the new studio space. Feeling really positive there, natural light, a window and my trusty table. All my ornaments set up; ready to work!

The Lights are on but Nobody’s Home- Progress

I began painting the lamp last week but wasn’t sure how well it was going to turn out. Now that the bottom half of the lamp has been painted, and the paint on the shade has fully dried I’m pretty pleased with the results! I particularly like that you can see the detail of the cracked paint.  The plinth I feel may be a little bit too tall for this piece now? I was very unsure about the light and how that functions for the look of the piece along with it’s role within the concept but the more I see it the more I’m liking it!

The lights are on but Nobody’s home

I’m also continuing with the wallpapered plinths. I was really pleased with the aesthetics of the covered plinths so would like to continue this, however rather than just ornamental figures on plinths, experiment with other domestic objects- considering lamps, telephones photo frames etc. I particularly  liked the idea of the lamp. I was imagining the lamp covered in magnolia paint yet the light still shining beneath. The lamp, alongside these other objects, also covered in a coat of magnolia, will emphasize the forgotten objects left behind when one moves home. The objects remain within our memories of that previous home but in reality those objects, those walls have been forever removed from the present. They’ve been painted over and removed. The lights are on but Nobody’s home- a great potential title of the piece.

Crazy Lamp

Went a bit crazy with the making today! Originally I had intended to start a new piece using a lamp, with the idea of- the light’s on but nobody’s home (more on that later.) But when I actually got the lamp I’d bought back to the studio I realised the bloody thing didn’t work! So I took it apart to get the bulb out, once I’d done that I just thought I’d have a play around with objects I had in front of me- happened to be this ornaments head. I also kept dropping the head on the floor so slowly his hat disintegrated. It’s a bit weird but I kind of like it.