My Beloved Scrapbook

As my own little project throughout the travelling adventures I lovingly created a scrapbook of memories. Saving each little ticket, receipt, map or boarding pass, I tore out, stuck in, sketched and painted the journeys. I really enjoyed this little task, it got me back into sketching again, I did a bit of water-colouring by the beach, and for the hoarder inside me, meant I got to keep all the tickets!

Chelsea’s New Home

Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this yet! I recently received the best news! My mum only happens to work with the women who’s moved into my grandmas old house! I was so excited about this!! Mum spoke to her about the photos I’d already took and what I was doing. I couldn’t believe it when mum explained the lady was planning to strip the whole place and paint it white!! Just what I’ve been saying! She was also kind enough to say she would take some photographs for me! I was over the moon. The pictures above show the extreme before and after! What a contrast. Those memories and moments stripped away to make room for new ones. The room has been forever removed from the present. Without the picture evidence I would forever imagine that fireplace the way it was when my grandma had it, but with these images it’s evident the room has moved on; moved on into new times. I would like to say a huge thank you to Chelsea! It’s ever so kind of you to let me use these photographs. Wish you all the best in your new home!

“Photo frames are used to frame our most treasured memories, yet the walls of our homes frame almost all our memories.” –Rachel Fenwick

I’ve taken this sentence out of my artist statement but it’s a sentence I’m really proud of and really like the sound of.