Planning My Collection

After I’d had my fun sandblasting I moved onto the next step, planning the plinths! I wanted to get the wood cut ready to start building them today but thought I need to take some extra time to really think about this decision. The sizing, arrangement and quantity of plinths is going to be really important during this next stage of work. I needed to get the image I had in my head down on paper. I’m still unsure how this collection is going to work in practice outside of my head but planning it out today really helped. The arch way in the middle of the paper is how I imagine the viewer will enter the work. I want them to walk through the plinths down the central walkway if you can imagine that? I enjoyed experimenting with the different designs on different plinths to work out the positioning of the collection as a whole. By photocopying the original plan I was able to add in extra plinths and change the designs quite easily. I can really see this coming together! So with the plan as it is, that’s 8 plinths in total, so 5 more to make! I can always make more!

John’s Decorating Centre

Having seen all the wallpapers Nottingham city centre had to offer I made the quick decision, following a Google search, to head on a bus to John’s Decorating Centre! What a good decision. Yesterday I was at a loss as to what wallpaper I wanted to use, and most importantly the colour choices that I knew were going to be essential for getting this piece right! And in the bargain bin at John’s I found them!

Big Decisions

Now for some really big decisions! I feel like I’ve been going round in circles with it all day! There is A LOT going on with the plinths, I admit that, but I’m struggling to decide whether I like it with more or less going on. The original plan was to paint, then wallpaper all 3 plinths, then subtlety rip a small amount of paper off each plinth. However as I gradually decorated each one I began to like the contrast of the bare magnolia plinth against the flush wallpaper and the ripped wallpaper plinth.  It was difficult to decide which complimented the ornament best, and it became upsettingly apparent that it seemed the ornaments weren’t so much needed any more; the 3 plinths work as a piece all by themselves. Having a wallpaper malfunction on the smallest plinth; meant I had to take the paper off prior to drying, this however left a rather nice imprint of the paste on the plinth- again something else to consider. With the 3 plinths all at different stages like this I really do think they work well together as a piece in their own right; however it’s still very important to me to use the ornaments at this moment in time. So for now I need to make a decision on how the plinths should look in order to compliment them. I think the right decision here is to continue with the subtle rip plan I originally began with- this way they will get the full attention they deserve yet the rips in the wallpaper will emphasise that the plinths are also crucial to the work.