Swings and Roundabouts

So since then I’ve been toying around with some ideas. Considering the swings and roundabouts of life, the places we choose to live our life, ‘Our corner of the world’- my favourite saying from philosopher Gaston Bachelard. I’ve been thinking of ‘Our corner of the world’ in response to place, which is a bit different for me, as normally I solely consider the private space of our homes. But instead I’m looking at the bigger picture of the area we call home. In particular the area I currently call my home- Cumbria. It transpires that my Grandma (my other grandma, on my mum’s side, not the Glaswegian one with all the figurines) was born here in Penrith and spent her early year’s just two villages away in Yanwath. My great grandparents met here in the Lake District and married just a year later. They moved to my hometown of Darwen, Lancashire five years later with my grandma and her two brothers in tow.

So I’m back to thinking about the layering of lives and the repetition of memorable moments- The repetition of memorable moments throughout the generations. As it just so happens that excitingly I’m recently engaged and we plan to marry here in The Lakes. I think the date and times of these events are going to be essential to the work. I asked my grandma to bring up some old photographs of the family and their wedding for inspiration. But I knew then that having the photographs on display in the church would be too literal, there would be no mystery to the piece. So I’ll keep thinking!

Glasgow Tenements

Whilst at my Grandma’s over the weekend I took photographs of the figurines in the previous blog post but we also dug out some old photographs together of her childhood in Glasgow. In an earlier blog post: https://rachelfenwick.co.uk/2014/02/24/grandma-kathleen/ I talk about grandma growing up there as she explained it to me over the phone; retelling interesting tales of harsh conditions but happy times spent in Glasgow. Having never seen most of these photographs before I felt happy that my grandma could share them with me. The sulky little girl featured, is grandma herself maybe looking not so happy about her surroundings! The coloured images  also show the many many ornaments grandma’s had in her previous homes!