My Mum’s View of Castle Hill

I’m always promising mum that I’ll paint her something- so here it is- My View of Castle Hill. In a response to Sue Smith’s 36 Views of Castle hill here’s mine. My one view taken from one of my early morning walks with mum. The hill truly is a constant in the ever changing lives of Townsville residents. It remains a constant in the backdrop of my mum’s Australian dream.

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

2015 – Perc Tucker Regional Gallery– Working initially in admin, returning calls and emails and general running of the high profile gallery. Extending my assistance with educational programs, collections research and exhibition openings.

Just wanted to write a quick post about my time with Perc Tucker before I head to New Zealand and no longer have WiFi. During the two months I worked with the team at Perc Tucker I learnt invaluable skills, met some really lovely people and most importantly it opened up my eyes to see the opportunities available to me in the arts. Before now I’d volunteered in galleries, but not one so well established, here at Perc Tucker I was introduced to the design team, the education officer, public programs co-ordinator- jobs I’d heard of but never seen in action. Talking to these people and learning what they do made me realise I could actually do these jobs- and really enjoy it.

I worked alongside installing exhibitions from art therapy groups, worked with children aged 5-7 in after school art programs- mono printing with them. I poured wine at openings, spoke with the artist herself as I passed her a beer and I worked with collections filing the existing data of artist profiles dating back to when the gallery first opened.

I really enjoyed my time with Perc Tucker. Thank you to Jo and the rest of the team for giving me the opportunity!

Thirty Six Views of Castle Hill

Yesterday I went along to Perc Tucker’s exhibition opening of Sue Smith’s 36 Views of Castle Hill. In some ways it felt like I was jumping back into the saddle again, back into the world of art, and in Australia none the less. Rather selfishly on my part it seemed like an extremely fitting exhibition reflecting Townville and opening my eyes to see Townsville in a different light. It felt exciting to be part of the crowd, with a glass of wine and listening to Sue Smith explain her paintings. As a visitor to Townsville, not a resident, I didn’t share what many there did, concerning their memories and their knowledge behind the history of the city. But I saw my own journey in the short month I’ve been here, I recognised the places I’ve been and the humour Sue was portraying in her somewhat surreal paintings. Sue revealed to us that this surreal style was indeed referencing Japanese painter Hokusai, her obvious homage to his 36 Views of Mount Fuji. An obvious influence to her series of paintings, although alike in its ideas, Sue Smith personalises her 36 views with the symbol of Castle Hill at the heart of her collection. Castle Hill is at the centre of Townsville, an ever looming figure on the city. Smith narrates the presence of the hill in each scene she paints, whether it be the central image or only just visible through the handle bars of a young girl’s bike, the hill dominates the attention of the viewer. As we search out the hill in each painting we get the sense that Smith is encouraging us to reflect upon our own lives surrounding the hill. Our ever changing lives in flux as the hill remains a constant in the backdrop of our lives.