“we’re just the top layer. And one day there’ll be another layer right on top of us.”

This next piece developed from a tester I did before the final exhibition piece. I wanted to see what the 1 metre board would look like if I first put wallpaper on to it then painted magnolia over it. By doing this it would emphasize the idea of someone coming into a new home and replacing the old decor. The bumps in the wallpaper somehow did seem so aesthetically pleasing to me though which made me go off the idea. I really like the build up of the roller marks in this piece-they really emphasize the layers.

“Of course, thanks to the house, a great many of our memories are housed”


I mentioned in the previous post ideas concerning seeing the house as a metaphor for framing our memories. In this piece I have used a wallpaper dating back to the 70’s to portray the image of a time gone by home. Here the wallpaper/home is in a frame creating a literal display of the metaphor.

“Photo frames are used to frame our most treasured memories, yet the walls of our homes frame almost all our memories.” –Rachel Fenwick

I’ve taken this sentence out of my artist statement but it’s a sentence I’m really proud of and really like the sound of.