I still haven’t attached the border! Went back on the whole plan today too- I  decided to change the plinth I wanted it on, putting it on the eggshell coloured one instead of the other two. The height of that plinth felt at a much more realistic level to that of border in a home setting. I also played around with the level at which I wanted it. I want the white wood to show through as I feel that is a success of the piece. So I think I prefer the middle image of the three here. 


Another busy day in the studio again today! I started by wallpapering the plinth I stripped bare yesterday, another fantastic pattern, very difficult pattern to paste with; but worth it and got there in the end. After I had finished the plinth I really enjoyed the look of all three of them how they were. Annoyingly, I didn’t want to paint them! The white of the wallpaper looked so good against the rim of the bare wood. I knew I needed to bite the bullet and get painting but not before taking some decent ish photos first. It was whilst taking the photos, I took one of two plinths together and this lead to alarm bells ringing in my head – two look good don’t they Rach?

Architectural Walls

Once I had the stuff it was time to get wallpapering! I immediately loved the wallpaper I used on the smaller plinth, it reminded me instantly of my grandma’s and it matches so well to the boarder and figurine. I could see it taking form now, matching up the colours to the embossed wallpaper felt like I was getting somewhere. I’ve scraped the next plinth free of it’s former wallpaper ready for a re-vamp tomorrow and I’ve got the colours ready to go! I decided to scrap the idea of a 4th plinth, I went to get the wood cut today but just before my decision I realised there is no real need for another one, it may just look cluttered. Although beforehand I felt it would look too much like my previous piece, when I shifted the plinths around it didn’t feel like that at all. I did get some other wood cut though! For the tops of the plinths. This has worked out fantastic! By placing an extra piece of wood on top it allows the paper to fold underneath it, by covering over this with wood it covers the mess and makes the plinth look incredibly neat. I’m really pleased with today’s progress. The plinths are beginning to become; “architectural walls.” – and interesting I almost see them as the formations of tower blocks.